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A message to our visitors!


What better way to stand behind the making of ENCOUNTER, then being ONE of the team through your contributions? We really believe in this extraterrestrial thriller, which is why we are putting our money, and our PERKS, where our mouth is. The realities of filmmaking however mean that if we want to make the best film-going experience possible, we have to reach out to those who we hope to entertain and ask for help: folks like you, our target audience.


Normally on sites like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, a project is not funded unless it meets its fundraising goal. Even if it’s $1 short on the day of the deadline, everyone’s money is refunded. But, on IndieGoGo and other crowd-sourcing sites, a ‘Flexible Funding’ option exists where all funds pledged during the campaign are delivered, regardless of whether the goal is met. However, these crowdfunding sites do take a percentage, and they hold your money for 15 days, sometimes longer. If I'm going to donate money I'd like to see 100% of my donation go to the person or organization I'm sending it too, not some middle man site like the ones I mentioned above.


It is extremely difficult for the independent filmmaker to secure distribution, let alone WORLDWIDE distribution (all media). Our team has accomplished this with a full feature western called 'CALICO' and we can do it again. 


The script is production-ready. We're getting our cast and crew in place. If you are interested in becoming an investor in this film, please e-mail 4YourEntertainment at, and we will gladly connect with you on becoming PARTNERS along with us.


So here's what we'd like to do!



Instead of offering you perks from the film you would have to wait for, we've decided that you can get perks sooner than later. Once the film is complete you’ll be able to screen the film privately online with as many of your friends as you want. When you watch the movie you'll get satisfaction of knowing exactly what you added to the project. A little piece of the film will be there just because of you. All contributions $50.00 and up will receive a high-rez digital copy of the poster, a copy of the script, and a digital director's cut to watch privately online and a copy of the film to download  after the film has completed its runs and we can legally do so.


If you're unable to contribute to our campaign, there are still other ways to help. Like our FACEBOOK PAGE, and spread the word of this project and its campaign by talking about it with your friends and families, and dropping us a line now and then and saying things like "you're nearly there!" and "keep on going!". Leaving comments on our wall or asking questions on Twitter also helps keep the conversation going and we're happy to hear from you!




How will the funders be kept informed during and after the campaign?


We will be frequently updating our webpage, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Fill out the form on your right and we'll respond as soon as possible.


Thanks for visiting us and making a generous contribution.

Elizabeth Landry


The film

This story is about a brother and sister who are hurt by the disapearance of their father one year earlier. They take out their frustration on each other and sadly, their mother. They're left with their quirky uncle on his Kansas hoby farm for a week while their mother travels for a job interview in Chicago. Unhappy about being left with him, the siblings friend the uncle's neighbour Holly, a flirty teen girl with a sharp tongue, and an eye for Dillon.
Suspicious of their uncle's behaviour surrounding local disapearances, the three teens discover  hidden secrets inside the old man's barn. He's not who they thought he was.

The plan

We plan to begin shooting in early 2016 with our incredible talented and generous cast and crew (see their bios below), with an eye to complete the film in 20 days. Then we plan to get distribution and eventually put it out online for everyone to watch and enjoy - after all, the film wouldn’t be anything without you and an audience.


Once it completes its distribution runs and we can legally do so, those who pledged above $25 will receive a digital password link to download the final cut of the film. Partners will get a copy once the film is edited, before it goes out to the world.




We're looking to raise $8,000 for pre-production money to help with location and legal expenses (Copyrights). We are going to make this movie one way or another. The schedule may get pushed back, but this film will get made.


How will EQUITY PARTNERS make back their investment?


Patrners will get a percentage through distribution of the movie and soundtrack sales. For more information about becoming an EQUITY PARTNER please fill out the Contact form below to request our investors kit. Serious inquiries only please.



$10. THANKS! Receive a personal Thank You message on our social media pages.


$20.  BUY THE CREW MEMBERS COFFEE - keep a film set moving - this might be the most important one. Also receive a personal Thank You message on our social media pages.


$40. BUY THE CREW MEMBERS LUNCH. Also, receive a thank you on our social media pages.


$50, TRANSPORT CAPTAIN. Help get the cast and crew to and from set. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits! (1 Donation)


$100. ART DIRECTOR. Help us pay to design and dress our sets. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100. LOCATION MANAGER. Help us pay to secure and manage our locations. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100. ‘READY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP?' Help pay to dress, style, and make up our cast. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100.THE TALENT AGENT.  Help pay our cast union fees. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100. KEY GRIP'. Help pay to secure our camera / lighting / grip equipment. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100.The Union Rep. Help pay our minimal crew salaries. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!

$100. POST SUPERVISOR. Help pay our editorial and mixing costs. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$100. MUSIC MAESTRO. .Help us pay to secure music copyrights for original score and music for the film. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$250. ENJOY 'CRAFT -SERVICES'. Have lunch with the crew on location. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$500. ASSOCIATE PRODUCER. Have Dinner with the Director-Writer in Calgary, Canada. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$750. The NEW Superstar. Enjoy a small speaking part in the film with a film and IMDb credit. Must be able to travel to Calgary, Canada. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


$1000. THE STUDIO HEAD. Receive an Executive Producer IMDb Credit.Film Credit. Also receive a Thank You on our social media pages and in the film's credits!


All contributors get a High Rez Film Poster emailed to them right away, so be sure to include you email address. No, we won't send you any unsolicitated emails. We won't SPAM you.


Would your company like to be a SPONSOR on this FILM? Fill out the Contact Form below and send me an email with the subject, 'Film Sponsor' for details. 



Meet The Cast & Crew 
Elizabeth Landry (Holly) 
Elizabeth is a Canadian actress, dancer, a film/T.V. producer, a writer,and directer. She was born Elizabeth Margaret Landry in Montreal, Quebec. to Allen Landry a computer programmer, and Doreen Gilligan an award winning equestrian. Elizabeth started acting and dancing at the age of 5. Her family moved to western Canada in 2007 where she continued her pursuit in theater and film. She has been stage managing for six years and has just started to break out in film producing. She is CEO of YourEntertainment LLC. an L.A./Calgary entertainment company. She is also co-auther of The Filmmakers Handbook. Available online at
Elizabeth's experience and knowledge has been instrumental in helping Brandon get to the next phaze of his career. 
Raliegh Wilson, First Assistant Director And Co-Production Company (Rollywood Studios)

For over 40 years Raliegh Wilson has entertained audiences on and off the screen. A Rodeo Rider, Marlboro Man, to today's Action Film maker. Raliegh won Many awards around the World, 1979 Montana Championship, 1979 National Finals Rodeo, 1980 California Championship 1980. 1981 World Cup Rodeo in Australia, committing to rodeo until 1995 then retiring after winning The Senior Pro National Championship. During that time He was hired by Leo Burnett Ad agency to do print work as "The Marlboro Man" Began acting, modeling and performing light stunts in 1983 after appearing in several commercials and television productions. (Lee Jeans, Eveready Battery, Pontiac and Miller Beer). He solidified his role in the World of Stunts in 1998 when he founded Stunt Grunts Inc., a select group of Stunt performers dedicated to bringing scripts to life, Coordinating and supplying Stunt EFX equipment to major film productions. In early 2002, Wilson opened Rollywood Studios in Simi Valley, California, a 4,000 square foot Green Screen facility and production company, which immediately opened its doors to independent film productions, Raliegh Wilson is most recently involved with developing his own projects to Direct and Co-direct. 

Raliegh's film credits include, Air America, Force of Execution, Planet Of The Apes, Univeral Soldier, Odd Thomas, The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, The Green Hornet,  Machete, Fun with Dick and Jane,  War of the Worlds,  Charlie's Angels,  Galaxy Quest, Snow Falling on Cedars,  The Mummy,  The Thin Red Line, Starship Troopers, Titanic,  The Firm,  Hoffa, Clinch Moutain Mountain Tracker, Encino Man, Far and Away, and of course now, Encounter plus many , many others.  

Jennine St.Jean is a sound and lighting technician know for her work on 'Interstellar, 'Hell On Wheels', 'Diablo', 'Forsaken', 'Fargo'and many more. 
Caroline Buzanko has had an adventurous life, to say the least. She had an eventful childhood and loved performing from a very young age. Upon graduating high school, she joined the army but soon realized acting was where her heart belonged. Her interest in film took her abroad to Australia, where she landed several roles. Returning back to Canada she became actively engaged in film and theater. She won a CAT award for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress for her role in "Saving Grace;" a true story about a young girl's journey in a drug addiction program. She has since worked in a number of films over the years while pursuing her doctoral degree.
Allan Stickel (cast as the news anchorman) is former firefighter, who found his passion
for film later on in life. He is a well known and respected face the Calgary Film Industry and
has the asset of Emergency Medical Trauma training he's had to used many times on set.

His acting credits are; Stan in Off Screen (TV Movie), 2015, Supervisor in The Great Fear (Film), 2015, Tom in SomeWhen (TV Movie), 2015, Cletus in Calico (TV Movie), 2015, Gross Gilman in Young Drunk Punk (TVSeries), 2015, Uncle Mikail in Go Fish (TV Series), 2013.
Jill Maria Robinson (cast as the radio news reporter) aka J.M.R in the last year has been a rising talent in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is most known for her acting role as Vivvie on the Canadian TV series Go Fish which was aired on Shaw TV in Alberta. J.M.R has a handful of professional film projects she is to be filming throughout 2015! This Romanian born Actor is also a Publicist (Her client list includes Brandon Watson) and certified Makeup Artist.
Caroline Murray is a makeup artist know for Claddagh, Still Waters, Who is Riley Oakes,  Drawing Home, Bluff, and many more.
Spencer Streichert is an actor and Stunt Coordinator known for his work on Redirected Intention (2014), Lust in the Time of Heartache (2014), Hell OnWheels, Fargo, Stranded and Encounter
Tahmoh Penikett ( Jeff Paycheck)
Tahmoh's been in several TV series and movies. He's best know for Man of Steel,
Battlestar Gallactica,lSupernatural, and 50 other titles. He'll be playing the role of  the uncle
Jeff Payckeck.
Brandon Watson (Dillon Larsen)
Brandon is a writer/actor/producer/director/film editor with several IMDb credits. He wrote,
producsed, starred, and edited a  96 minute western feature film set in 1898 Called "Calico",
in 2014 at the age of 13. His film has been picked up for world wide distribution (all media)
by Adler & Associates Entertainment Inc L.A. making him one of the youngest filmmakers
in the world to acomplish this. He has written 7 other scripts, another western set in 1866
in pre-production, and several has several other titles in development.
Please check back for cast and crew updates!

Not All Encounters End Well

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Dillon, teenage film-making enthusiast, and his older sister Kimberly go to visit their estranged grandfather on his farm, where strange phenomena occurs that speaks to the presence of extraterrestrial beings, and have an encounter they'll never forget.

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